Five lessons from 2013 for stock-market investors

Anora Mahmudova wrote an interesting article about Five lessons from 2013 that stock-market investors need to unlearn.

These are the 5 Lessons: Continue reading “Five lessons from 2013 for stock-market investors” »

The Nikkei falls further

Most Asian stock markets have experienced losses on Wednesday. Investors divested from last particularly sought after plants and took profits, traders said to justify. Especially export and financial stocks were sold. Continue reading “The Nikkei falls further” »

Nokia should pay extra taxes in India

New Delhi

India calls by the Finnish telecommunications giant Nokia a newspaper report that a tax payment in the amount of approximately EUR 2.5 billion. Since 2006 be and penalty payments of 210 billion rupees accrued , reports the ” Times of India” . In India, several multinational companies make war with the authorities for tax payments – among them Shell and Vodafone. Continue reading “Nokia should pay extra taxes in India” »

The Nikkei index recovered


Investors in Asia did have not moved out of cover before the highly anticipated U.S. employment data on Friday. The stock exchanges in Tokyo closed in positive territory , but had fallen significantly over the previous two days. However, as in other parts of Asia , the price swings were limited . Continue reading “The Nikkei index recovered” »